Let Them Eat Cake

The relationship between the writer of a series and its reader is a complicated one. I always knew this, even before I began writing or publishing Firmament. I always had very little respect for series creators who knew how the larger story needed to go, but chickened out due to public pressure and caved to the whims of their fans. Read More

Rules and Regulations

I missed my scheduled posting day yesterday, but I have a good excuse! I went to work at eight, got off at noon, rushed to do the week’s grocery shopping, rushed home to put the cold groceries away, rushed to a doctor’s appointment, rushed to my favorite local cafe for a NaNo write-in, then had writer’s group at the same cafe until after 9:00. Read More

“I always liked watching as we approached Earth.”

Fun fact: Did you know that the capitalization rules for our planet depend on the context? If you’re referring to our world in a way that references it as a place distinct from other planets, it’s “Earth.” But if you’re just talking about it in a way that sees only it rather than anything else in the universe, it’s just “earth.” Read More

Dear Vienna

I was at the gym awhile back, listening to a playlist made up of every Owl City song ever, when something caught my ear. I was currently beginning my revisions of Firmament: Gestern and so when the song “Dear Vienna” came on, I paid careful attention and was fascinated to find just how well it fit August and his journey! Since then, it has become his theme song in my mind. Read More

“It was the eyes that hurt him…”

Just in time for the launch of Firmament: Gestern, I have the book’s prologue up! What do I mean by prologue, you ask? Well, it’s a funny story… Read More

Welcome to the New Firmament Series Website!

It’s been a long journey.

For those who don’t know, this website (along with all my family’s other websites) were hacked last November, and all data was lost. Everything. Many years and much money’s worth of work. Gone. Read More

“He’d Always Been an Environmental Writer…”

Who is “he”? Well, “he” is Harry, the subject of the Fimament prologues and epilogues.

“But wait,” you say, “I’ve read the two existing Firmament books, and there were no prologues before the beginning of the story.”

That’s true. But that’s because the prologues and epilogues aren’t in the books. Read More

Two are Better Than One

The proof of In His Image arrived safe and sound! I compared it to Radialloy and they look just gorgeous together! Read More