Andi Lloyd

Andi is the loyal, intelligent young heroine of the Firmament series, a girl who has grown up surrounded by the dangers and delights of life on a starship. Read More

Doctor Lloyd

The Doctor is Andi’s adopted father, and the one constant in Andi’s hectic life, with a deeply caring heart hidden under his gruff demeanor. Read More

August Howitz

August is the quiet, mild-mannered navigator of the Surveyor. He’s Andi’s closest friend, and is always there to help her and support her through their adventures. Read More

Eagle Crash

Crash is a cocky, daring space pilot, in high demand for various expeditions. Despite his immaturity, he is very popular, with a quick sense of humor and a caring heart. Read More

Captain Trent

Captain Trent is the charismatic leader of the Surveyor’s crew, keeping them going through every adventure, a commander for whom they would willingly lay down their lives. Read More


The steady and pragmatic helmsman of the Surveyor, Guilders can always be depended on to seek a level-headed solution, using patience and respect to help others do the same. Read More

Almira Maslow

Almira is the ship’s cook, serving as a warm, nurturing presence on the Surveyor. A maternal figure in Andi’s life, she’s never too busy to comfort her, or give a word of gentle wisdom. Read More


Elasson is the curious, compassionate young prince of a far-distant planet. His loyalty and values keep him grounded among his people, but he looks hopefully to a better future. Read More

Ursula Sandison

Ursula is the somewhat mysterious younger half-sister of Andi and August, a child who has been hidden far away from her family and awaits rescue by her siblings. Read More