the series by J. GRACE PENNINGTON

Almira Maslow

Almira is the ship’s cook, serving as a warm, nurturing presence on the Surveyor. A maternal figure in Andi’s life, she’s never too busy to comfort her, or give a word of gentle wisdom.

Full name: Almira Nancie Maslow

Age: fifty-one, at the beginning of the first book.

Hair: black

Eyes: brown

Rank: lieutenant commander

Position: cook

Hobbies: cooking, drinking tea, talking to people

Family: unknown

Friends: Captain Harrison Trent, Doctor Gerard Lloyd, Commander William Guilders, Eagle Crash, other friends unknown.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFP

Background: She was born in 2269, and joined the Surveyor as cook in 2309, for reasons known only to herself. She is more laid-back than most others on the crew, often covering her uniform with a cheery flowered apron while cooking. She is warm and kind, and something of a mother-figure for Andi, always there to help her sort through the difficulty of growing up.