the series by J. GRACE PENNINGTON

Captain Trent

Captain Trent is the charismatic leader of the Surveyor’s crew, keeping them going through every adventure, a commander for whom they would willingly lay down their lives.

Full name: Harrison Alastair Trent

Age: forty-nine, at the beginning of the first book

Hair: brown

Eyes: blue

Rank: Captain

Position: Captain

Hobbies: reading, chess, collecting mementos and antiques

Family: Jack Trent, father. Sherry Trent, mother. [other family redacted]

Friends: William Guilders, Gerard Lloyd, Almira Maslow, Eagle Crash, Andi Lloyd.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ENTJ

Background: Born in 2271 to Jack and Sherry Trent, he grew up saying he wanted to go to space when he was older. Even though he was mischievous and a bit carefree as a child, he did fairly well in school because he was so smart. He got into college on a sports scholarship, and he met Gerard Lloyd there. After graduating, he took two years of space training, then took a position as navigator on the Endeavor. Seven years later, he was promoted to Commander and took a job on the Invictus. After another seven years, he transferred onto the Surveyor as its second officer.

Not too long after this, the Surveyor‘s captain, Jeriah Thomson, died in a landing along with his first medical officer. As first officer, Trent took the position of acting captain to bring the ship back to Earth, where Oscar DeMille sanctioned his promotion. Harrison decided to ask his old friend Gerard Lloyd to be his new first medical officer, and they quickly renewed their friendship. He loves the Surveyor and never wants to leave the life he’s built there.