the series by J. GRACE PENNINGTON


The steady and pragmatic helmsman of the Surveyor, Guilders can always be depended on to seek a level-headed solution, using patience and respect to help others do the same.

Full name: William Franklin Guilders

Age: fifty-eight, at the beginning of the first book

Hair: white

Eyes: brown

Rank: commander

Position: helmsman, first officer

Hobbies: chess, flying, learning

Family: unknown

Friends: Captain Harrison Trent, Doctor Gerard Lloyd, Andi Lloyd, Almira Maslow.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ISTJ

Background: He was born in 2262 (his birth is actually the first thing on the series timeline). Not much is known about him, since he’s not the kind to talk much about himself or his past. He has worked on the Surveyor longer than any of the current members; almost twenty-five years. He had a niece and grand-niece back on Earth who both died, the number of siblings, nieces or nephews he has is unknown. Guilders may be quiet, but he’s the heart of the Surveyor in many ways, as well as its center of moral courage.