the series by J. GRACE PENNINGTON

Andi Lloyd

Andi is the loyal, intelligent young heroine of the Firmament series, a girl who has grown up surrounded by the dangers and delights of life on a starship.

Full name: Andi Lloyd

Age: twenty-one, at the beginning of the first book.

Hair: golden

Eyes: brown

Rank: none, officially

Position: Second Medical officer

Hobbies: reading, inventing, cooking

Family: Doctor Gerard Lloyd, adoptive father. Eagle Crash, adoptive cousin. [biological family redacted]

Friends: Almira Maslow, Captain Harrison Trent, William Guilders.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ESFJ

Greatest Fear: people she loves dying

Background: Born in 2299, to parents who were unknown at the beginning of the series. She was found in a cardboard box on the doorstep of Doctor Gerard Lloyd when she was presumably less than a year old, with no note or any other identification. He took her in and named her Andi, after his parents Andrew and Mandi. He gave her no middle name, because he had always disliked his middle name “Handel.” When she was six years old, the Doctor’s sister died, and his nineteen-year-old nephew Eagle Crash came to live with them.

When Andi was ten, the Doctor got a request from an old friend of his to sign up as first medical officer on the starship Surveyor, and he did it, taking Andi with him. The two of them have lived there ever since, working together and participating in the many adventures of a starship.