the series by J. GRACE PENNINGTON

Ursula Sandison

Ursula is the somewhat mysterious younger half-sister of Andi and August, a child who has been hidden far away from her family and awaits rescue by her siblings.

Full name: Ursula Frances Sandison

Age: six, when we first meet her

Hair: black

Eyes: brown

Hobbies: playing with toys, watching her favorite holographic show

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: unknown

*Warning: Mild Firmament: Gestern spoilers*

Background: Unknown to her half siblings until she is six years old, Ursula is the daughter of Erasmus Howitz and Else Sandison. She was born in Austria, and was taken from her mother a few years before we meet her. Her mother doesn’t know where she is, but she knows that she was taken by a scientist named Rupert Dred.

She is bright and imaginative, not naturally curious, affectionate, and has a calm personality. Despite the turmoil she has already faced in her short life, she is hopeful and idealistic.

The only other thing we know about her so far is that as an adult she remains close with her nephew, Harry, her sister’s son.