the series by J. GRACE PENNINGTON

Firmament: Radialloy Illustrations

When I first wrote Radialloy, the first person to read it was my sister, Hope. She was such a huge fan of the story that she created some beautiful illustrations (on Paint with just a mouse and keyboard!). I would have loved to include these in the book but color printing is too expensive. But they don’t have to go unseen–you can all check them out here!

Andi and her cousin stroll along the Surveyor hallway on their way to see the Doctor.

Andi visits the Doctor one evening and knows that something is terribly wrong.

Andi goes to Mr. Guilders for help and they discuss possible solutions to the dangerous situations all around them.

And as a special bonus…

Don’t recognize this scenario? That’s because it was drawn off of the first draft of the book, and this scene was cut out. Originally a fight between Commander Howitz and Andi took place in the hold, but the Doctor protected her at the risk of his life, while Guilders snuck up on Howitz.