the series by J. GRACE PENNINGTON

Trivia: Realism in Details

My OCD can come in handy when figuring out the details of science-fiction. Early on I decided I really wanted to make sure that my speeds and travel times were accurate, and that the position of various places throughout the series was consistent. So I set to work making formulas for warp and IPP, the two propulsion types for the Surveyor, and I got a friend to very kindly and painstakingly make a starmap of the Milky Way based on my system of sectors. For nerds like me who like this sort of thing, here are a few of the results:

Sector: 1,000,000 square light years

Quadrant: 250,000 square light years

24,649 sectors in the milky way

Warp velocity formula:
s(w) = w4c, where w is the warp factor, s(w) is the velocity, and c is the speed of light.

The starmap is ginormous, so the sectors are hard to see, and only every tenth sector is labeled, but I think it’s pretty impressive. And it’s certainly very helpful!

The pink square is where our solar system is. Pretty fun stuff, don’t you think? Being obsessive can come in handy — once in awhile.