the series by J. GRACE PENNINGTON

The Firmament series chronicles in eighteen books the adventures of young medical assistant Andi Lloyd as she travels through the galaxy aboard the starship Surveyor and navigates the difficulties of family and faith. Whether you want to find out more about each book, keep up with news about the series, discover the characters, learn about the author, or explore fun extras, you can find it here.

the Series


When her father shows signs of insanity, a doctor's daughter finds herself the primary target as mutiny breaks out on their starship and secrets from her past threaten to destroy everything she has ever loved.

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In His Image

After accidentally running awry of the laws of a civilization that scientifically shouldn’t exist, a stranded away team must figure out what’s going on and find a way to escape before they are all executed.

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When the Surveyor rescues the personnel of a failing science station and the crew is persuaded to embark on an illegal mission, Andi must uncover the truth behind the 'accidents' happening before the Captain's career is obliterated.

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Reversal Zone

When a vessel with limited provisions disappears into a mysterious cloud, the Surveyor must find them quickly--but when the area affects the crew and the ship in wild and unpredictable ways, Andi may be the only one that can guide them through the danger.

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With time running out to save Andi's life, a mysterious letter sends her and August across the world alone in search of a child in danger, where they must navigate a world that is strange and new to her and that he wishes he could forget—the forests, ruins, and politics of Austria.

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News and Updates

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  1. Let Them Eat Cake

    The relationship between the writer of a series and its reader is a complicated one. I always knew this, even before I began writing or publishing Firmament. I always had very little respect for series creators who knew how the larger story needed to go, but chickened out due to public pressure and caved to the whims of their fans. Read the Post

  2. Rules and Regulations

    I missed my scheduled posting day yesterday, but I have a good excuse! I went to work at eight, got off at noon, rushed to do the week’s grocery shopping, rushed home to put the cold groceries away, rushed to a doctor’s appointment, rushed to my favorite local cafe for a NaNo write-in, then had writer’s group at the same cafe until after 9:00. Read the Post

Meet the Characters

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Andi Lloyd

Andi is the loyal, intelligent young heroine of the Firmament series, a girl who has grown up surrounded by the dangers and delights of life on a starship. Learn More

Doctor Lloyd

The Doctor is Andi’s adopted father, and the one constant in Andi’s hectic life, with a deeply caring heart hidden under his gruff demeanor. Learn More

August Howitz

August is the quiet, mild-mannered navigator of the Surveyor. He’s Andi’s closest friend, and is always there to help her and support her through their adventures. Learn More

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the Author

I've been telling stories as long as I can remember, and writing them down since about age five. I love science fiction because of the opportunities it affords to explore so many different themes and ideas, plus the fact that it's just plain cool. I currently live in the great state of Texas, where I write as much as adult life permits. When I'm not writing I enjoy reading good books, having adventures with my husband, and looking up at the stars.

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the Extras

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  1. I suppose it was technically rather meaningless to celebrate New Years Day in space. We weren’t revolving around any stationary object, let alone a sun, so we had no year, really. Nothing even indicated day or night. Everything was just stars, on and forever, in every direction. Learn More

  2. I’m not a very visual person, and it’s very difficult for me to imagine concrete details, especially logistical details, when writing. It’s even harder to keep them consistent when I do imagine them. Learn More